Why your lousy fantasy football season isn’t your fault

“Just win, baby.” – Al Davis, Owner & GM, Oakland Raiders

Maybe for you, the realization that your fantasy football season was circling the drain came slowly. A few bad breaks. A concussion that took your star QB out for a game; an opponent that picked up a free agent running back the same week that he broke loose for 200 yards.

Or maybe it came suddenly. Maybe you scored 125 points in Week 13, but missed the playoffs because your opponent scored 127, leaving you wondering why you even bother with this stupid game.

However it happened, the important thing is: it wasn’t your fault.

But nobody understands that! Yes, everyone whines about their lousy fantasy season. But the key difference is that most of those poor fools didn’t know what they were doing. Whereas your complaints are justified. Your disaster wasn’t poor playing but poor luck. So your pain is exquisitely unique.

The question at hand is – how do we prove it?

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