Pilot season

Growing up, I enjoyed writing code and messing around with technology, but my first love was always pop culture — books, film, tv, movies. So I always thought tech would be a hobby, while my career would involve trying to climb the ladder in the television, or music, or movie industry.

Fortunately for me, I happened to grow up at a time when the existing media landscape was undergoing massive upheaval, and when tech companies were shouldering their way into music, books, film, and television in a major way. In the past decade, Apple, Amazon, and DVRs have had  as big an impact on how media is created as music labels, publishing houses, and television networks have. And they’ve been able to do so quickly, unconstrained by the decades of legacy and bureaucracy that paralyze many media companies.

I don’t think this change is an unqualified good. But as someone with interest in both camps, I definitely think the change is a fascinating one.

So here, I write about the shore where technology smashes up against creation. I describe tools that help us better understand and analyze works of creation, but also the gaps that such technology can’t ever fill. I think about how new tech business models shape new kinds of art that it’s now possible to create and distribute… for better or worse. And of course, I  write about new technology and new art generally, and what they mean to the world at large.

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